Press Releases

Smooth Sailing : Photo Credit – Sebastian Zacariah

The simplistic design philosophy that Mumbai based Kunal Khandelwal and his team at Design Inc. applied to the Sai Shipping Corporations office makes for easy navigation. Download PDF
Six weeks flat : Photo credit – Anirudh Goel

Mumbai based Design inc creates a luxurious temporary living space for a family of four in a surprisingly short time. Download PDF
ELLE DECOR – Feb-March 2007
Its Better Brighter :

Kunal Khandelwal retains a home’s spacious feel and minimizes its flaws. Download PDF
HOME REVIEW : December 2008
Step by Step : Photo Credit- Indrajit Sathe

Khushboo and Kunal Khandelwal of Mumbai Based firm Design Inc, believe that getting to know their clients well is the key to their succcessful designs. Download PDF
INSIDE OUTSIDE : Special Issue 2007
The right solution : Photo Credit – Indrajit Sathe

Download PDF
PERFECT TEN : Mar – Apr 2002
Up for Grabs : Photo Credit – Sebastian Zacariah

A 1500 sq ft apartment in south Mumbai, which was restored with a very open-ended agenda by architects Khushboo and Kunal Khandelwal, the two havles of the firm they spearhead – Design Inc. Download PDF